Milan Furniture Show revelation: plastic furniture will become the darling of the market

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  From 1961 to date has been to the 49th, on the seniority, on the scale, on the degree of coverage, Milan Furniture Fair is the most representative of the design activities, gathered a large and small furniture design brand, with a short Short week time, bring us extremely dense new thinking, with a wide range of ideas to attract our attention. And kartell is one of the most dazzling star brand, both from the creative or design concepts are walking in the forefront of the times, but also has a "plastic luxury," said.
  Kartell solid color series has always been known for colorful color plastic furniture brand KARTELL, this year is the main "back to black" theme, while all the new products back to a pure black alert, while the other side is extremely to "invisible" No doubt lead a color trend. In Kartell's flagship store in Kartell, Yoshioka Takemen exhibited the "TheInvisibles" series in an atmosphere of snow and ice, like a snowflake crystal bar, which was in the form of a disappearance. In recent years, Yoshioka Tokushuki has always been trying to design with natural phenomena and invisible elements, in which he tries to digest the presence of furniture and let the user feel that he is in the floating air. The original beauty of industrial plastic perfect transfiguration as an early concern about environmental protection, green, low energy consumption groups, designers in the "low-carbon life" design experience, own some experience, but also have a more mature proposition. For them, the "low carbon" and "LOHOS" (LOHOS) attitude into the daily life, is already a kind of hypocritical habits, and in the design process and even the use of products (goods), kartell The practice of this view also spare no effort.
  Mentioning industrial materials, we think of those scrap steel and plastic, not immediately combined with fashion. However, in the eyes of the design master, the material regardless of cheap, the ingenious conversion of industrial materials, uncompromising attention to some, they are likely to lead the home trend. At the same time, due to plastic and other industrial materials easy to be recycled, the environment will not cause a burden. Italian furniture Kartell is this kind of decadent for the magic of the brand. Kartell's furniture is made of transparent or batch-dyed polycarbonate, once molded, durable, resistant to heat, anti-UV, environmentally friendly and comfortable. At the same time, Kartell has been able to join many international designers. Stand alone in the forefront of fashion.
  Plastic "magic wand" full of fun Kartell company to practical interesting design concept for the initial, always adhere to its manufacturing characteristics, the plastic material of the plasticity of the characteristics of the development to the extreme.
  Kartell has established long-term relationships with PhilippeStarck, RonArad, AnnaCastelliFerrieri, the world's top designers, to design their different series of products for the company, with a lightweight, plastic, rugged, and rich color for the market. Complete furniture series. Designers used their imaginary wand to inject new features into Kartell's plastic furniture products, and different designs understood that they had a very diverse design style, styling and color-rich texture for their work, The
  Among them, the combination of building blocks of the game with its new way of display for the use of lighting and lighting provides a new interest。 Solid color furniture Imagine "solid color" for many people is not very good control, because too strong, too straightforward。 But once these fall into the hands of the master will become full of spirituality and life。
  Kartell is the use of solid color, to change the previous furniture in the home life "heavy" initial impression, no longer dead, no longer solemn heavy, but with a kind or passionate, or low-key introverted inner feelings to make furniture Become part of life.
  A large number of environmentally friendly plastic applications, making the past can not be achieved in some modeling powder to appear, elegant shape, perfect arc, transparent color, people unwittingly indulge in them。
  No wonder a lot of famous artists for this luxury brand has been praised, not only because of its walk in the forefront of art, more importantly, it created a precedent for art furniture.
  Perhaps, with color to celebrate life, with the shape of conquering all living beings is katell real goals and ideas, right?

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